A Broadway Dream

Beauty Queen, Bobbie Storey , sailed to New York to star in the Ziegfeld Follies. Ziegfeld had offered her a thousand dollars to star in his show. She travelled between America and England on many famous liners—The Aquitania, The Leviathan and The Olympic—and joined the cast of Rio Rita at the Lyric Theatre, New York. During her many visits home, she fell in love with Teddy—a car mechanic—and whenever they met they continued their torrid affair until the day of their wedding when she discovered that he was already married. Bobbie returned to America and JJ Schubert, the producer, confiscated her Visa which would prevent her return to the States if she ever let him down again. The Mafia involved Bobbie in a ‘sting’ and promised to obtain a Visa for her if she cooperated with them. They arranged for her to be photographed in bed in a hotel with a New York business man who they were blackmailing and she reluctantly agreed to their plan. A few days later she was found dead in bed in a New York apartment.